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Man Drives His Wife’s Corvette into a River

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The honeymoon’s over

On Monday of this week, Philadelphia police were tasked with fishing a 1990 Chevrolet Corvette from the Delaware River after a man drove it into the river—willingly. His motive? The Corvette is his wife’s daily driver, and his wife is icky.

Man Drives His Wife’s Corvette into a River

Man Drives His Wife’s Corvette into a River

According to a report out of ABC 6 in Philadelphia, the couple is going through a bitter divorce, and the man, John Kramer, thought that this was the perfectly logical way to deal with the situation. One eyewitness asked Kramer what he was doing immediately after Kramer sent his Corvette the way of the Titanic, to which Kramer responded, “Don’t call the police. It’s a family matter.”

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It certainly was a family affair, as Kramer also involved his and his soon-to-be ex-wife’s 17-year-old daughter. According to his wife, “He said, ‘When I’m finished here [at court], that’s what I am going to do.’ And then he texted my daughter and said, ‘You have two minutes.’ And then he texted back and said, ‘It’s done. lol.’”

Lol, I just sunk mom’s car. Reasonable text, right?

Unfortunately for his wife, Kramer can’t be charged with theft, as the couple co-owned the Corvette. He will, however, be charged with reckless endangerment and illegal dumping. (Pause here for giggles.)

Man Drives His Wife’s Corvette into a River

Police searched the car to make sure there were no occupants trapped inside, like maybe George Washington going for round two across the Delaware. Once it was determined that no one else was involved, the car was removed from the water.

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Kramer’s best defense in court will likely be that his GPS told him to do it. At least, that worked for Michael Scott:

News Source: ABC 6