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Man Impersonates an Officer During a Test Drive in a Tahoe

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Man Impersonates an Officer During a Test Drive in a Tahoe

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Last week, Anthony McGuire, 39, took out a Chevy Tahoe on a test drive from a local Salem dealership. It would have been like any other test drive were he not, you know, impersonating an officer and pulling people over during the ride.

According to, McGuire had taken out the same black Chevy Tahoe two days in a row before dealership employees became suspicious. McGuire had told the employees he was a sheriff’s deputy each day but never offered identification. On the third consecutive day that he requested a test drive, two suspicious employees decided to tag along for the ride.

Not far down the very street of the dealership, a motorcyclist passed McGuire (legally) because McGuire was reportedly driving way too slowly. Angry, McGuire rolled down his window and yelled at the motorcyclist to pull over, telling him that he was being stopped for speeding. Still, however, McGuire did not offer any identification.

Man Impersonates an Officer During a Test Drive in a Tahoe | Tahoe PPV

An actual Tahoe police vehicle ©GM

At this point, the motorcyclist and the two dealership employees decided to call real police officers to verify that McGuire was legitimately an officer. Then and only then did McGuire confess that he was merely impersonating an officer, although no reason was given. Sergeant Christ Baldridge of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office posited that it could be due to mental illness. (What? Never…)

It’s not clear whether McGuire attempted other arrests during his first two test drives, but during his brief stint as an officer, McGuire was known as a no nonsense cop, so it’s likely that he fined some perpetrators. Police are currently asking any potential victims to come forward.

A court date has not yet been set for McGuire, who apparently is no stranger to driving vehicles that do not belong to him. He allegedly stole a car from the Marion County Courthouse back in 2011 to drive to the mall, likely because he was really craving crappy Chinese food and needed to get a new miniskirt for his Build-A-Bear.