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Man Needs BBQ Sauce, Makes Kid Drive to Get It

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drunk driving BBQ sauce

Sometimes, you just need BBQ sauce
Photo: Whitebox via Wikipedia

Sometimes, after a few beers (or a few dozen beers), you get a craving for a very particular type of food. Often, that food does not exist in your house, nor can it be delivered. The smart thing to do, if you really can’t wait until you’ve sobered up, is to enlist the help of a sober friend or neighbor to take you to get that food item. That’s exactly what Cory Mathias, 27, from Tiffin, Ohio did. Smart guy, right?

Wrong. While driving drunk is most definitely not the right thing to do, getting your nine-year-old neighbor to drive you to the nearest gas station so you can pick up a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce isn’t any better.

Clerks at said gas station noticed something afoot when Mathias arrived to get his smoky BBQ goodness. They had to intervene twice to prevent the child from driving home before Mathias finally got behind the wheel. The clerks then alerted the police, who arrested Mathias outside his apartment complex with a blood-alcohol level of more than three times the legal limit.

Mathias faces eight charges in total, including child endangerment. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges and has a trial scheduled for early December.

This is one of those times when that Uber delivery service would have come in handy.

News Source: WTOL