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Man Saved from Car Crashing into His House by Running Late

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Here’s one guy who has an excellent excuse to tell his boss why he’s late to work: Karl Highton of Manchester, England, avoided being in a car crash by being upstairs in his home when a car careened into his front porch. You can almost imagine the conversation:

“Hey, I’m going to be a little late.”

“Why? You break a leg or something?”

“Someone demolished the front of my house with their car.”

“Take your time.”

Normally, if Highton weren’t running late, he would have been leaving the house about the time the car hit. Instead, he hadn’t left the top floor yet.

“I heard a screeching of wheels on tarmac, then a bang as the car hit next door,” he said. “Then there was an almighty bang as it went into our house. My initial reaction had been that it was a collision on the road but I look down through the window and the porch roof wasn’t there.”


You really aren’t supposed to turn right when it says.

Highton’s porch roof had relocated a few yards out onto the road.

“Had I been a few minutes earlier I could have been in the porch when the car hit,” he added. “I’m very grateful I wasn’t.”