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Man Saves Photojournalist from Flood

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It was just another day for KCTV5 photographer Eric Schultz. He was driving to take photos of flooding in Lawson, Missouri, when his news vehicle was swept up in flood waters.

“I’m driving along like everything is great, like nothing is going on,” he said, “and then literally the next second I am in this water, and I knew there was no ground underneath me. I knew I had to get out.”

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So he did. He opened the door and started swimming as the news vehicle began to sink.

Then the water started to rise. Schultz said that he couldn’t see where the nearest land was, so he just started swimming back the way he came.

This was when Kalen Shrout and his family drove into the water, too.

“I was a little bit late for work,” Shrout said. “I was driving about 60, and I did not see the water, and I just shot right off into it.”

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According to Schultz, Shrout then switched into hero mode. He got his wife to safety, then his children, and then, rather than call for help (like Schultz thought he would do), he dove back into the flood. He helped Schultz swim to shore.

“I think the lord put me here to be able to help out to help save Eric, and I’m just glad my family is alright,” Shrout said.