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Man Says He Will Defecate in Cruiser, Later Says: ‘See, You Didn’t Believe Me’

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man defecates in police car - no dumping allowed sign

You can’t expect criminals to take these signs too seriously
Photo: Alan Turkus

A tourist to Wales’ Carmarthernshire county was very, very unhappy to be arrested.

To begin with, the tourist, a 45-year-old man named Mark Haughton, had just had a fight with his significant other at around 2:30am in a caravan park (that’s an RV park for we Americans).

Upset, Haughton left, and when he returned, the police were there. He tried to walk past the officers, but was stopped. Soon, his behavior led police to arrest him.

Oh, Haughton was mad, then. He told the officers that they were just harassing him because he was black, shouting that they were racists. On top of that, he swore that, if the officers put him in a police cruiser, he would soil himself.

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Police put him in the cruiser anyway. According to police, he seemed to calm down somewhat, but suddenly they were struck by a nasty smell from the back, and Haughton announced that he had pulled down his shorts and defecated on the seat.

At the station, police took away his dirty clothes and locked him in a cell, in which Haughton again took his smelly revenge on the floor.

“See,” he said to officers, “you didn’t believe me.”


You can almost hear their resigned sighs

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In the end, Haughton told the court that his promise to poop in the cruiser was due to a real need to use the restroom due to medication, with his defecation in the jail cell due to anger—he said, “I was there without my pants, with my willy hanging out and I felt I was being treated inhumanely.” He was placed on a year’s conditional discharge and ordered to pay court charges, as well as 300 pounds ($476.95 in the US) to pay for the cleaning of the cruiser and jail cell.