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Man Stops Cop in an Unmarked Car, Schools Him at His Own Game

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Here’s your latest dose of viral media. Gavin Seim, who is a self-proclaimed “constitutional activist,” recently stopped a cop in an unmarked car in Grant County, Washington, because the cop was admittedly pulling people over and issuing tickets in said unmarked car.

Man Stops Cop in an Unmarked Car, Schools Him at His Own Game

Man Stops Cop in an Unmarked Car, Schools Him at His Own Game

Surprisingly, the cop remains polite throughout the entire exchange, though you can tell he is incredibly peeved and, at times, really confused. Near the beginning, Mr. Seim asks to see the cop’s ID. In response, the officer demonstrates his badge, to which Seim happily responds, “That’s not ID, sir.” Eventually, the cop proves that he is actually an officer and admits that he has been pulling people over in his unmarked police car.

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According to Mr. Seim, that’s an absolute no-no, an open violation of Washington State law, which essentially states that the very thing the cop is doing is illegal. The cop says he does not know of this law and is smugly amused when Seim says that he has the power to write him up. (Seim does not, however, but instead urges the officer to educate himself on the issue.)

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Check out the full video, and then let us know in the comments below: should Seim have minded his own business, or was he right to approach the officer? One thing that’s not up for debate—approaching a cop in an unmarked car to reprimand him takes big you-know-whats. Like, grapefruit-sized you-know-whats. Seim must have trouble shopping for pants.

Man Stops Cop in an Unmarked Car

News Source: Jalopnik