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Jann Mardenborough Teaches You How to Boss a Rolling Start

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How to Boss a Rolling Start

We almost certainly all have somewhat fond memories of our first driving lessons: the thrill of laying hands to the steering wheel for the first time, the way the engine roars to life, the way the high school parking lot asphalt yawns like a hot black sea of infinite possibility.

Of course, that all happens before you jam the accelerator pedal down a bit too hard and end up curbing yourself and inflicting $500 in body damage on your dad’s Altima.

Ah, well. At least you weren’t this poor lady.

By the way, 브레이크 means brake. And now you know a little Korean.

In any case, it’s likely that your first driving lessons were not provided by anyone near as good behind the wheel as 2011 GT Academy winner Jann Mardenborough. It’s also likely that your first driving lesson didn’t consist of a crash course on how to effectively get off to a rolling start, utilize heel-toe downshifting, and left foot brake.

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How to Boss a Rolling Start

How to Heel/Toe Brake

How to Left Foot Brake

Full disclosure: these are the kind of driving tips that you’ll only want to try and master if you’re somewhat seasoned behind the wheel (sorry, 16 year olds).

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