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Marshawn Lynch Has a New Show and it Looks Amazing

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Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode No Script Science Stuff 2

Bill Nye who?

One of the greatest things to ever happen because of NFL football was Marshawn Lynch getting drafted to the Buffalo Bills in 2007. In recent years, Lynch (also known as Beast Mode) has made quite a name for himself in the public eye. His hilarious antics have made him an endearing mascot of the NFL, providing fans with laughs while still demolishing his opponents on the field. Although he originally wanted to retire after the 2016 season, he decided to play for his hometown Oakland Raiders while still giving the world plenty of laughs in the process.


I’m just here so I won’t get fined

Although he’s not a big fan of post-game interviews, Lynch is actually quite an upbeat and outgoing guy. This has prompted companies to hire him as a spokesman for their products, including a campaign for Skittles (his favorite candy), where the football star rode a bicycle around Houston, Scotland, prior to Super Bowl LI. (The game was held in Houston, Texas, that year.)


No script? No problem.

As proven by the Skittles video and many other television appearances (including a segment on Conan and an episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine), Lynch is delightfully entertaining. With that being said, someone at Bleacher Report thought it’d be a great idea to give Beast Mode his own show. To that person/group of people, I say, “Thank you.” The trailer for Marshawn’s new show No Script features a collection of amusing moments, including doing donuts in a racecar, crushing a car with a tank, go-kart racing, and tons of other crazy stunts.

As a part of Facebook’s new original programming lineup, No Script will air on Thursdays on the social media platform.

Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode No Script Racing

Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode No Script Tank Crushing Car


Watch the full trailer for No Script below:

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