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Master Film Composer Hans Zimmer Ready to Rock Coachella, Assisted by BMW i8 Supercar

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Hanz Zimmer Coachella show performance orchestra film music BMW sponsor interview

Zimmer discusses his vision of bringing orchestral music to 21st century audiences

BMW has redefined the automotive field and composer Hans Zimmer has redefined the music field. So what would happen to our fragile universe if these two forces collaborated? We’re about to find out.

German-born composer and record producer Hans Zimmer is joining with BMW to bring an orchestra to the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. At an annual event showcasing the world’s most illustrious rock, hip hop, and EDM artists, only Zimmer could manage a feat that bridges this musical genre gap.

In the below video spotlighting his journey to Coachella, Zimmer is driving an all-electric BMW i8 supercar, flanked by an escort of black i3 electric sedans.

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Renowned for composing the music to over 150 films and the head of film music at Dreamworks, Zimmer has established himself in the entertainment industry as a name synonymous with brilliance–not unlike what BMW has done within the automotive industry.

Hanz Zimmer Coachella show performance orchestra film music BMW sponsor interview i8Both entities have redefined “performance” in their respective fields, neither comfortable with being conventional and instead finding ways to push boundaries. Just as a ride in a BMW evokes intense emotion on the road, so do Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer’s music cues from movies like The Dark Knight, Pirates of the CaribbeanGladiator, and Inception. Attendees to this month’s Coachella festival, which BMW is officially sponsoring, will get to hear these themes re-imagined with a live rock orchestra.

If you’re not able to make it to Coachella this year, fear not. Zimmer, who has been touring Europe with his “rockin” orchestra over the past year, will be bringing his show to over a dozen North American cities this year. Get your tickets now before they’re gone–I already have mine!

And if you want an equally breathtaking experience driving to the show, take a ride in BMW’s revolutionary i Series electric vehicles.

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