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Materials, Hues Key to Avenir Concept’s Striking Interior

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2015 Buick Avenir Concept

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On the outside, the Buick Avenir Concept represents a potential sneak preview and the future of the brand and—with any luck—a look at what an actual flagship sedan might actually look like. On the inside, however, the story is no different: the Avenir uses superior materials to achieve its superlative design, giving it a finished and luxurious look that few other vehicles are capable of matching.

“The attention to detail within Avenir is outstanding,” said Charles Allen, a retired automotive designer who served as a chief judge for the 2015 EyesOn Design Awards, of which Buick won two last month. “What stands out to me is how well everything is integrated—all of the materials and elements work together seamlessly to provide a sensation of understated elegance that fits the Buick brand perfectly.”

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2015 Buick Avenir Concept

Buick’s inspiration for the interior of the Avenir comes from, in part, nature. The color and trim of the interior was modeled to evoke the idea of waves crashing into a shore, resulting in a soft look replete with muted whites, blues, and tan hues.

“With Avenir’s interior, we really wanted to select materials that would complement the surfaces within,” said Rebecca Waldmeir, Buick Color and Trim design manager. “Using a distinctive combination of premium leather, suede, wood, chrome and acrylic, we were able to design elements that flow seamlessly throughout the interior.”

Despite the oceanic influence, Buick’s designers also looked to pull off a sense of warmth with the “Lyric” hue that reoccurs throughout the vehicle and the “Coastal Myst” color on the instrument panel and arm rest. Their aim was true, as the Avenir feels inviting and calming at the same time.

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