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Mazda Announces Drive for Good Charity Winner, and Four Other Winners

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Last month, Mazda announced that it was beginning its annual contest that it conducts in partnership with NBCUniversal to reward local charity organizations with funds, supplies, and media coverage. As the month came to a close, Mazda and NBCUniversal have announced the winner: My Block, My Hood, My City.

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This charity, based in Chicago, is built on the fact that many teenagers in the city never leave their own neighborhood or even their own block, leaving their worldview severely restricted. So, My Block, My Hood, My City instituted its Explorers’ program, which takes teenagers from schools in low-income neighborhoods and takes them on educational explorations to see different cultures, careers, and people. The charity received $30,000 in goods and services as part of the Mazda Drive for Good contest.

However, that wasn’t the only charity organization to be chosen. Mazda received so many strong applications this year that it decided that it would also give out $10,000 in goods and services to four additional charities: Elevating Connections, Erin’s Hope for Friends, Move for Hunger, and Warm Winters.

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Elevating Connections focuses on helping youths who emancipate from foster care without finding a permanent home and siblings who are separated by the foster care system. Erin’s Hope for Friends helps to bridge the gap for socially challenged teens and young adults in the high-functioning autism spectrum. Move for Hunger works to fight hunger and reduce food waste by collecting food from people who are relocating and delivering it to local food banks. Finally, Warm Winters works by taking the unclaimed clothing items from lost and founds in ski resorts and delivers them to homeless shelters, in addition to running sock, toiletry, and coat drives.