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Mazda Issues Recall on 2015-16 Mazda6 for Power Steering, Airbag Wiring Abrasion

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The Zoom-Zoom brand seems to be pretty good about recalls—it’s highly involved with concluding the Takata airbag debacle, and even has its own Recall Information Center to better inform people if their specific vehicle has a recall. So, along those same lines, Mazda has issued a recall for a little under 58,000 2015 and 2016 Mazda6 sedans, due to a wiring problem that could potentially take out power steering or the airbags.

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Basically, the problem is with a wiring harness under the passenger seat, which connects to the passenger detection sensor. It appears that sometimes there is “excessive weld splatter” on the seat frame from the manufacturing process, and if someone is sitting in the seat, the wiring could rub against the rough surface and, over time eventually break through to the copper and short-circuit.

If that happens, there will be a flurry of warning lights, and if it is bad enough, it could knock out the car’s power steering or deactivate the airbags. The good news, in this case, is that the vehicle can still be driven so it is possible to, as said in the recall report with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “control the vehicle and/or take evasive action,” just without power steering.

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As with most recalls, Mazda has reported that “No loss of control, accidents or injuries related to this condition have been reported.” It also added that the company decided to run the recall, even though the air bag warning lights are in full compliance with federal standards.

According to the recall report, affected owners are to be notified starting on the 29th.

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