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Mazda Reveals Three-Row CX-8 for Japan

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2016 CX-9 Outside

The Mazda CX-9, the brand’s largest vehicle in the United States, has a lot of things going for it—it has impressive looks and an upscale interior that make it the brand’s flagship crossover in the States. However, there is one thing about it that makes it not so great for Japan:

It’s big—just a little too big, by the Japanese estimation.

So, back in April, Mazda announced a new vehicle for the Japanese market: the CX-8. At the time, Mazda said, the CX-8 would share the CX-9’s wheelbase, but be smaller in every other exterior dimension. It also released a picture of the CX-8’s interior, which looks just as comfortable as its larger American cousin.

Now, Mazda has released an exterior photo for the Japan-only three-row crossover, giving us a good look at the new member of the Zoom Zoom crossover family.

Mazda CX-8

Don’t worry, that’s actually it—we didn’t just take a photo of the CX-9 and put it up here to mess with you.

The new CX-8 looks very similar to the CX-9 (probably intentional, since the CX-9 isn’t being sold in Japan, anyway), though you can see a few slight differences. The hood is definitely shorter, the rearmost point of the windows bends higher up, and the mirrors are slightly different. However, you really have to look at the two side by side to notice the changes, and like we said, that’s pretty unlikely to happen.

News Source: CarScoops