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Mazda to Build CX-5s at Hofu Plant to Meet Demand

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Mazda has announced the redesigned CX-5 crossover will carry a starting MSRP of $24,045 for the 2017 model year

Brace yourself, because here comes your daily reminder that people like buying SUVs. Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that, starting in November, it will be building its new CX-5 crossover at the Hofu Plant in Yamaguchi prefecture in addition to the Hiroshima Plant in order to meet demand.

The company said in a press release that this move would “help [Mazda] respond quickly and flexibly to growing demand for SUVs globally.” Translated, that means “you all are buying so many SUVs that we need to open up production in a new place to keep up.”

“As with the CX-3, starting production of the CX-5 at Hofu Plant as well is part of our plan to build a production framework that gives us more flexibility between plants and between models,” said Masatoshi Maruyama, Managing Executive Officer in charge of Global Production. “We will do everything we can to get customers the crossover vehicles they want as quickly as possible.”

The CX-5 is Mazda’s middle-sized crossover, in between the three-row CX-9 and the compact CX-3. It is also the most recent Mazda vehicle to undergo a redesign, which added a remade front and rear fascia, along with updated power and the promise of a coming diesel engine. Even before the update, though, the CX-5 has been one of Mazda’s best-selling vehicles next to the Mazda3, and after the update, the CX-5 has been the best-selling by far.