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MC Customs Makes Jeep Wrangler Bling-Tastic

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MC Customs Jeep Wrangler Front End

The MC Customs Jeep Wrangler combines a standout style with the SUV’s characteristic ruggedness
Photo: MC Customs

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the best vehicles in the industry to add aftermarket parts to—and MC Customs agrees. While many aftermarket tuners add features that enhance the Wrangler’s rugged appearance and off-road prowess, MC Customs decided to go in the complete opposite direction.

In an attempt to blend a Jeep Wrangler’s rough and tumble style with a whole lot of sparkle, the Florida-based vehicle customization company has created what might be the most bling-tastic vehicle to ever grace the open road.

With blue-accented 24-inch Vellano wheels and a modified front end, this Wrangler is a sight to be seen. And it practically looks like it’s been chiseled from ice, thanks to the white paint job with electric blue accents. Seriously, you might think this custom Wrangler just rolled out of the Antarctic.

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While some hard-core Jeep fans might not want to show up at an off-roading rally in this gussied-up beauty, it still makes a mighty fine picture. MC Customs has even cut out the wheel wells to accommodate the large wheels. It might not be everyone’s top choice of transportation because of its style, but we can assure you—this custom vehicle’s Jeep heart still makes it one hell of a ride.

News Source: Carscoops