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“Meat” the Oscar Mayer WienerFleet

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Discover the best of the "wurst" in Oscar Mayer's fleet of wiener-shaped vehicles

Welcome to the “Wiener’s” circle

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is undoubtedly one of the greatest feats of engineering and ingenuity to ever come out of the automotive industry. Few vehicles manage to capture the true spirit of America better than this wiener on wheels.

Since 1936, Hotdoggers (the name for drivers of the Wienermobile) have been delivering Oscar Mayer hot dogs to hungry people across the country behind the wheel of the Wienermobile. But let’s be “frank.” Times are changing, and if Oscar Mayer wants to keep up with the rapidly-advancing automotive world, then they need to constantly “ketchup.”

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Engineers at Oscar Mayer worked their “buns” off to create the modern Wienermobile
Photo: Larry Darling 

Fortunately, over the years Oscar Mayer has “mustard” a fleet of various hot dog-based vehicles. Oscar Mayer even recently added a WienerDrone to its collection, and that’s no “bologna.”

With the WienerDrone and WienerCycle making their debut this Fourth of July in Weiner, Arkansas, now seems like an opportune time to go over Oscar Mayer’s assortment of vehicles. That is why I “relish” the opportunity to present to you the Oscar Mayer WienerFleet.

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Man, aren’t hot dog puns the “wurst?” I do have to say that I’m really “on a roll.”

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A Rather Senior Wienermobile: Happy 80th Birthday, Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!


Introduced: 1936
Specialty: Long Distance Delivery
Hot Dog Payload: 27,000 Hot Dogs
Powertrain: 330-horsepower 6.0-Liter V8 Engine
Length: 27 feet



Introduced: 2008
Specialty: Rapid Delivery
Hot Dog Payload: 100 Hot Dogs
Powertrain: 168-horsepower 1.6-Liter Turbo Four Cylinder Engine
0 to 60 Speed: 9.7 seconds



Introduced: 2015
Speciality: Off-Road Delivery
Hot Dog Payload: 6 Hot Dogs
Drivetrain: Four-Wheel Drive
Length: 44 inches



Introduced: 2017
Speciality: Urban Delivery
Hot Dog Payload: 8 Hot Dogs
Powertrain: 8.5 horsepower
Fuel Efficiency: 80 MPG



Introduced: 2017
Speciality: Remote Location Delivery
Hot Dog Payload: 1 Hot Dog
Max Altitude: 1,200 feet
Max Flight Time: 15 minutes


Follow This “Link”: Remote Control Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Arrives Just in Time for the Holidays

Want to see more of the Oscar Mayer WienerFleet in action? Then check out this video from Oscar Mayer:

Source: Kraft Foods Group

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