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Meet Jeff Gordon’s Interior Mechanic, Jordan Allen

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Jeff Gordon with Interior Mechanic Jordan Allen

Jeff Gordon (left) with interior mechanic Jordan Allen

This is legendary NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon’s final year, and although it hasn’t gotten the same breathless media coverage that attends some athletes’ retirement seasons (cough—Derek Jeter—cough), he’s had his fair share of honors and attention.

But have you ever wondered about the people behind the person behind the #24 Chevy? One of them—interior mechanic Jordan Allen—was recently profiled in this interesting new video from Hendrick Motorsports.

Take a look:

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A native of Pickerington, Ohio, Jordan says he’s basically responsible for everything that Jeff can see or touch (in the car, that is), including his fire suit, gloves, shoes, seat, steering wheel, and helmet.

That helmet, interestingly enough, is a one-of-a-kind Arai helmet, which Gordon was the first NASCAR driver to use. The Japanese helmet was originally popular in Formula One racing, and Jordan says he’s made Gordon’s unique by adding extra pieces for safety.

There’s also an air-conditioning hose that blows air that’s 20 degrees cooler than the sweltering 130-degree heat of the race car’s interior.

“I always want to further the sport,” Jordan says. “Not only safety-wise, but cooler technology. The cooler things you have in your car, the more proud you are of it, the more everyone looks at you and goes, ‘Man, that guy’s got really cool stuff in his car.’”

Now that Gordon’s retiring, maybe Jordan can start customizing Jeff’s family Suburban.

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