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Meet Noah, Another Real Chevy Volt Owner

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The 2017 Chevy Volt is headed to China as a Buick model

Perhaps out of concern for our new post-truth world or the scourge of fake news, Chevrolet is really trying to impress upon the public that the Chevy Volt is indeed a real car that is being purchased by real people.

The sustained campaign to prove the realness of Volt ownership began months ago, when Chevy released the first “Real Volt Owners” video, which profiled a real woman in California named Aleisha, who had a real Volt and a real daughter. The second customer testimonial came from a real man named Steve, and the third from a real estate agent named Patrick. Patrick was so real that the word “real” was right there in his job title—real estate agent.

You would think that would be enough to convince conspiracy theorists and skeptics that Volts are real cars that are bought be real people, but Chevy’s not done yet. The bowtie brand has just released its fourth video, this time documenting a real man named Noah.

Take a look:

Noah seems very real. He has real concerns (finding a car that is both practical and efficient). He has a commitment to clean energy that is real, as evidenced by his plans to put solar panels on his roof. He plays hockey, which is a real sport, unlike golf.

So yeah, Noah seems like a pretty real dude. This has to convince people that there are real Volt cars being sold to real people, right?

Wrong. On YouTube, a commenter named SpokeJck Tichenor is playing the Doubting Thomas role, asserting, “I bet that guy got paid so much to ACT on this video that by now he’s probably like f**k it I’m buying my Lambo.”

Sigh… when will our society learn to trust again?