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Meet Silicone Sally, Mr. Regular’s New Ride

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Regular Car Reviews  2007 Honda Fit Sport Silicone Sally

Meet Silicone Sally, the new ride of Mr. Regular

We love Regular Car Reviews. If you’re not familiar, then you need to toddle on over to YouTube right now and get yo’self familiar. Are you all caught up? Good. Then you’ll recall a few months back when our faithful Mr. Regular wrecked his 2002 Toyota Echo during the winter of which we’d rather not speak.

To keep the show rolling, RCR started a FundAnything campaign to raise $5,000 for a new regular car. In the end, they raised $18,156.

But Mr. Regular, being the…well…regular guy that he is, opted not to spend a dollar more than the $5,000 for which he initially asked. So what’d he buy? A first-generation 2007 Honda Fit. Her name is Silicone Sally. Meet her below:

So what does Mr. Regular like about the first-gen Fit?

As a ‘car’ car, this is superior to a Toyota Echo. As something that has to do stuff, the Fit does more stuff: it hauls more stuff, its seats move all over the place, and it has a banging stereo. And it has an AUX jack! I finally have an AUX jack! No more FM transmitters!

He does have his gripes, however, and particularly when it comes to the first-gen Fit’s tendency for leaking around the roof rails and back hatch. Because of these leaks, Mr. Regular went a bit crazy with the silicone, nuking the resale value and earning it the Silicone Sally name. But the leaks stopped!

Fit Sport 2007Mr. Regular goes on about Silicone Sally for around four and three-quarter minutes before stopping to compare the first-generation Fit to a second-gen Fit provided by a Twitter fan. The consensus?

The second-generation Fit is better. Buy this, buy this, buy this. Buy the second generation, it’s so much better. They don’t leak. Honda got their act together for the second-generation Fit. The engine’s completely the same, but the interior is so much more well-thought-out. They put cupholders right in front of the vents so you can blow air conditioning on it or you can blow heat on it depending on what type of drink you have. I mean, that’s genius.

Of course, Mr. Regular also notes that you’d be well served to just go ahead and save up/wait for a third-gen Fit, which just launched back in June. Can’t say we’d disagree there.