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Meet the Second Yenko Chevrolet: The 800-hp Yenko SC Camaro

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Just when you thought that the Camaro couldn’t get any sportier, Specialty Vehicle Engineering (SVE) has uncovered its own version in the 2017 Yenko Supercharged Camaro—an upgrade to the regular Camaro SS.

Like the Yenko Corvette we recently talked about, the Yenko SC Camaro has also received a power boost all the way up to 800 hp (eat your heart out, Dodge Hellcat).

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2017 Yenko SC Camaro

Pictured: Vroom
Photo: Specialty Vehicle Engineering

The additions that SVE has added to the Camaro SS’ LT1 engine include a forged-steel crankshaft and H-beam rods, aluminum pistons, CNC ported and polished LT1 cylinder heads, an LT4 fuel system, and a custom-made supercharger. All in all, the new powerplant gives the Yenko SC Camaro 800 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque, while increasing its displacement from 6.2 liters to 6.8 liters.

On the outside, the Yenko SC Camaro also gets some Yenko crest badges, an engine cover, hood cowl, decklid, brake calipers, and 20-inch wheels. Additionally, the car gets a fresh paint job with a hood stripe and graphics down the side, available in Gloss Black, Flat Black, White, Hugger Orange, Silver, Red, and Yellow. Inside the cabin, the Yenko SC Camaro also gets some sweet goodies like custom SVE headrests, and special floor mats.

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All in all, this upgrade will cost you $40,000, not including the cost of the sixth-generation Camaro SS that you have to bring for SVE to work on. However, this probably shouldn’t be too much of a problem for SVE to deal with, because the company only plans to make 50 of these models.

2017 SVC Yenko SC Camaro Gallery

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