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Meet Wyper: Tinder for Cars

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Remember that Top Gear commercial from a bit ago where Matt LeBlanc was car shopping reminiscent of dating app Tinder? Well, it turns out that there actually is a Tinder version of car buying, a new app for iOS and Android called Wyper.

Wyper app

Photo: Wyper

Here’s how it works: Wyper takes information from new and used inventories from car dealerships, then matches it to your search criteria. Then, just like with Tinder, you swipe left or right based on whether you like or dislike the car. However, after that, Wyper goes beyond a search to try to learn about what you look for in a car.

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The app does this using an algorithm to try to glean what you are interested in, including price range, model preferences, and body types. This is supplemented if you swipe down instead of just right or left, which lets you identify what you like or don’t like about the listing, and by the “social value” of the car, which is a result of data gathered from all users—things like especially popular trims and colors.

So, when you do find a car that you like, you can call the dealer (or seller) using the app, which masks your identity by using the Wyper 800 number to call, preventing a flurry of return calls.

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News Source: TechCrunch