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Here’s (Some of) How the Mercedes-AMG GT Sounds

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Mercedes-AMG GT soundsYou may remember a few weeks ago when we discussed the long, agonizing march up to the eventual reveal of the Mercedes-AMG GT. Even when it comes to individual aspects of the reveal campaign, Mercedes is treating pretty much everything like unlockable content. Such is the case with the latest aspect of the reveal: getting to hear jus how the Mercedes-AMG GT sounds.

By visiting the teaser site (or by checking out the individual videos on YouTube, which are included below), you can listen to three audio clips of the Mercedes-AMG GT in action. And by “in action,” we mean heavy revving, light revving, starting, and idling.

Oh, but that’s not all. Since Mercedes’ idea of a slow burn is to move at a glacial pace that even Ozu could appreciate (yeah, we’ve got film school nerd references for days), the audio will be added gradually over the course of…we’re not sure…the next few days? Weeks? As it stands, six more Mercedes-AMG GT sounds have yet to be unveiled.

Well, we’re relatively sure we’ll hear every possible exhaust note and tire squeal at some point before the end of the month. Speculation abounds that the sounds could range from “burnout” to “0-60 mph sprint whilst fleeing an enormous spider monster.”

The page wherein the Mercedes-AMG GT sounds can be heard states: THE SOUND OF MERCEDES-AMG GT CLEARLY HAS SOMETHING TO DECLARE. Mercedes enthusiasts, while excited, have something they’d like to declare: HURRY IT UP WITH THIS TEASER STUFF AND JUST GIVE US THE DAMN CAR ALREADY.

Mercedes-AMG GT Sounds Great, Looks Great, Will Be Great (Whenever We Get It)

The next component of the AMG GT teaser campaign will be a video entitled “Form and Function: Engine,” which indicates that we’ll likely be getting our first look at the gleaming heart of this mad beast. Stay tuned for the latest!