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Mercedes-AMG GT Teaser Means It’s Coming Sometime We Think

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Mercedes-AMG GT teaserWanna get a sneak peak at the successor to the SLS AMG and Mercedes’ prospective Porsche-killer? Yeah, we can make that happen. Here’s your first look at the Mercedes-AMG GT. Let us be the first to warn you that this particular Mercedes-AMG GT teaser is: (1) extremely dark; (2) more than a little phallic; (3) altogether alluring.

We already know that the AMG GT will have an interior, which we know to be fancy and quite red. Now that we know that the AMG GT has a shape, we’re starting to get somewhere.

Mercedes-AMG GT teaser

What else can we derive about MB’s 911-fighter from its teaser site? That the Mercedes-AMG GT teaser is just the first aspect of a long rollout schedule which includes (along with our best measured interpretations/guesses):

  • May 29 – “Mercedes-AMG GT Sounds: Ingition!” – Likely another teaser video with plenty of engine revs and exhaust notes
  • June 2014 – “Dynamics: The Race – And The Thrill – Is Earned in the Curves” – Possibly running prototype footage
  • July 2014 – “Performance: The Shortest Formula for Thrilling Performance: GT” – Some kind of cookbook promotion probably
  • August 2014 – “Design: It’s [sic] Design Knows Only Two Words: Drive Me!” – The revelation that the Mercedes

Mercedes-AMG GT Teaser Gallery

Mercedes has also uploaded a Mercedes-AMG GT teaser video to YouTube, which can be found below. The video depicts a lot of Saw-esque fast-cutting, some buzzy text promising that the GT is “what you get when a company unleashes its creative and engineering forces to combine the absolute best of all it has done into a single, monumental, unwavering engineering achievement,” and a lot of glimpses of a camo-wrapped prototype.

Stay tuned to The News Wheel over the next…well…several months for the latest Mercedes-AMG GT teaser and—eventually—its unveiling. Which is happening sometime in 2014. We think.