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Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial Revealed

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A still from the new Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl ad that will air during the game's fourth quarter

A still from the new Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl ad that will air during the game’s fourth quarter

After weeks of hype featuring NFL legend Jerry Rice, the Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl commercial for the Mercedes-AMG GT is finally here. “Fable” features the much-touted (by Mercedes, at least) matchup between the tortoise and the hare, who are rendered here as trash-talking computer-generated animals:

Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial

Anyone who was hoping for a reversal of the classic fable’s ending will be disappointed, and that includes us:

As one might expect, the cocky hare takes a break from the race to play some poker. Meanwhile, the tortoise stumbles into a conveniently located Mercedes-AMG factory, where the sight of a twin-turbocharged, 503 horsepower motor makes him say, “Slow and steady my [engine noise].”

The tortoise (who apparently also had time to steal away the hare’s bunny girlfriend for some inter-species freakiness) jumps over the hare for a photo finish, yelling “Who’s your turtle?” (ugh) out the window as he drives by.

Still image of the Tortoise in the Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl commercial, "The Big Race"

Who’s Your Turtle?”—I guess “Who Let the Turtles Out?” would have sounded too topical

Then the voice of Jon Hamm shows up to make a pun about the GT’s “hair-raising performance,” just in case there is anyone left who hasn’t already rolled their eyes all the way into the back of their head.

But while the corny ad may be pretty groan-inducing, the car itself impresses: the Mercedes-AMG GT looks and sounds pretty great, even when forced to share the stage with a cartoon rabbit.