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Mercedes Trolls Ferrari With Tweet

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Mercedes Trolls Ferrari

Mercedes Trolls Ferrari (Ferrari likely couldn’t see because it was ten seconds behind the lead)

Mercedes-Benz is celebrating its first ever FIA Formula 1 World Constructors’ Championship, and it’s trolling the competition hard.

The numbers for Mercedes-Benz are nothing short of astounding, to be sure: the MB PU106A Hybrid Power Unit has notched 13 wins, 35 podiums, 16 poles, and 14 fastest laps, earning 64% of all available championship points and leading 88% of all laps. The F1 W05 Hybrid has been impressive in its own right, securing more than one-third of all available points and leading 85% of all laps.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg sit at 1-2 in the standings, and the word on the street is that Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso is considering hopping aboard once he is clear from his contract. Clearly, everything is going Mercedes’ way.

(It should be noted that Ferrari currently sits in fourth behind Mercedes, Red Bull, and William-Mercedes in team points and has only logged two podium finishes in 16 races, which indicates that if they plan on being back, it might be a while.) Mercedes-Benz Italia, always humble, responded with this:

Just in case you were wondering, “La migliore Ferrari che sia mai stata costruita è la prossima” translates to “The best Ferrari ever built is the next one.”


Little known fact: this is the sound that a Mercedes-Benz F1 car’s engine makes as it roars across the finish line ahead of a Ferrari:

Mercedes may want to be wary, though. New Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne says that the F1 team will spare no expense and take risks in order to kick ass in the future. Mercedes’ response was to announce the appointment of its new Chairman of the lulz, this man: