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Messes that Ruin Your Car’s Interior

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All drivers are guilty of messing up their car’s interior, unintentionally, of course. You thought the lid to your coffee mug was secured. You didn’t think your kid had a permanent marker in his hands. You can’t eat fries without ketchup, and goodness knows you have to eat. So, really spills, messes, and damage to a car’s interior is inevitable and not your fault at all, right? Nope, it’s totally your fault, and even though any spill has the potential to register on your annoyance meter, according to writer Aaron Miller, some messes are totally off the charts.

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Because it truly never goes away, broken glass and all the miniscule shards it sheds, rank as a shiny frustrating interior mess, according to Miller.

A dose of chocolate is a necessity for a lot people to get through the day, but according to Miller, that sweetness will cost you time and energy, especially when it melts into your upholstery and you’re forced to scrub it out of the crevices. Chocolate covered candies, like an M&M, can be easily overlooked and serve as a beacon for ants, adds Miller.

Remember the fries mentioned earlier?  Well, for Miller, it’s not necessarily the ketchup that’s the biggest problem—the plain greasiness of a fry (especially one dipped in gravy) will do a number on your upholstery, sometimes forever.

Although you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk, you might shed some tears over the pungent odor it leaves behind in a hot car interior, according to Miller.

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One more reason to stop your soda or pop or cola addiction—that syrupy liquid will infiltrate your interior and coat everything it touches with sticky sweetness.

“Make the mistake of leaving an unopened can in your car in the dead of winter or the middle of summer, and you’ll experience what it’s like to have that gooey hell zone sprayed all over your interior,” reports Miller.

There’s no way your car interior can stay as perfect as it was the day you bought it, but maybe if you resist turning your car into a snack station, it will stay nicer a little bit longer.

News Source: Thrillist