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Miata Wins Awards, Even Before Release

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Wow, that was quick. After not even a week of first-driving impressions, the North American 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata has already won its first award. This comes out of Florida from the Southern Automotive Media Association, who gave the Miata the title of “Best Small Convertible” at the 2015 Topless in Miami drive and evaluation event.

On top of that, the Miata was added to Automobile Magazine’s “10 Cheapest Convertibles You Can Buy in 2015” list. Aside from the unfortunate term “cheap,” the magazine posted a glowing review, writing the Miata “retains all the essential thrill and excitement we’ve loved since the car first hit our shores in 1989.”

So, before the Miata appears to amaze us again, let’s take a short look back to the very beginning. So the story goes, in 1979, Bob Hall, who was working for Automotive News, was asked by Mazda’s managing director what Mazda should make, and Hall said “A small open two-seater.”

Whether that led directly to the Miata, Bob Hall went on later to work for Mazda as the product planner for the Miata development team.

From there, the Miata spread in popularity until today, when there are even Miata clubs in New Zealand, where there are more sheep than people.

The new Miata will go on sale this summer for around $25,000.