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Michigan Woman Alleges EV Discrimination from Homeowners Association

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Natalie Forte of Waterford, Michigan, bought a Chevrolet Volt in an effort to save some money and to be more eco-friendly. But it turns out she’s not saving money and no one else is really being friendly about it—but it’s not the Volt’s fault.

2015 Chevy Volt | Michigan Woman Alleges EV Discrimination from Homeowners Association

A woman who drives a Chevy Volt is alleging EV discrimination from her homeowners association.

Forte is alleging EV discrimination by the homeowners association where she owns her condo. According to WXYZ (which is quite possibly the best named local TV news station in the country), condo owners where Forte lives are responsible for their own personal electricity bills in the condo but split the cost of garage electricity evenly among the residents. When Forte bought her Volt, the electricity expense for all the residents rose, and the homeowners association told Forte that she’d have to pay a little extra. They agreed on $50. Seems fair.

However, Forte is reporting that the homeowners association then began to ask for $200 and rejected her $50 check. When she refused to pay, they cut off power to her garage. Now Forte is forced to charge her EV using an extension cord run from her condo.

WXYZ apparently reached out to the president of the homeowners association, who, like a hilarious five-year-old child, slammed down the phone twice before confirming that the board of the association voted 4 – 1 to shut off her garage’s power.

It seems that they had no right to do this. Forte paid the agreed upon amount, which sounds like it’s even more than she should have been playing in the first place. There’s not really enough information to form a fully informed decision quite yet, but what do you think so far? EV discrimination: yay or nay?

News Source: WXYZ