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Michigan Woman Who Survived Crash Surprised With Chevrolet Traverse

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Chevrolet Traverse Peterson

There are few things more terrifying than a car crash. Not only does it cause injury or loss of life, but oftentimes those involved are left without a reliable means of transportation.

On July 7th, while on the way home from running errands, Savannah Peterson and her 8-year-old daughter were involved in a collision on Michigan’s M-46. Their SUV was hit head on, sending both of them to the hospital for several days. Peterson has said repeatedly that she is very grateful that she and her daughter survived, especially since two of the passengers in the other car were not as lucky. The stretch of road where the accident occurred is also currently a hot topic in Michigan because it is particularly popular and dangerous.

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The story has become popular in Michigan, because of the furor surrounding M-46 and how bad the crash was. After she was released from the hospital, Peterson was interviewed again and she mentioned how the vehicle was her and her boyfriend’s only way to get to their jobs.

Dick Garber of Garber Management Group heard the story, and immediately wanted to help. After working with Peterson’s step father to choose the perfect vehicle for her needs, Garber visited her at home and brought a 2012 Chevrolet Traverse with him! Peterson was overcome with emotion, and immediately inspected her new ride with her family. The vehicle is all hers and her family can now get to work.

It’s always nice to see a car make someone this happy! According to Peterson, “It lifted my spirits. I’m truly blessed.” If you would like to contribute to Peterson and her daughter’s medical bills, check out their GoFundMe campaign.

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