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MINI Citysurfer Concept Changes Your Commute

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MINI Citysurfer Concept

The MINI Citysurfer Concept

While some urban dwellers enjoy life without a vehicle, others crave the freedom that owning a car gives them. For people who live in large cities, vehicles are often luxuries rather than necessities, but there’s no denying that it’s handy to have a car when you’re faced with another packed train or bus on your way to work. Now, MINI is offering an alternative to public transportation in the shape of the MINI Citysurfer Concept—an electric scooter which will help you avoid the morning subway congestion in your home city.

MINI Citysurfer Concept

The MINI Citysurfer Concept fits snugly inside the MINI Cooper’s trunk

The emissions-free MINI Citysurfer Concept is powered by an electric motor with a range of around 15 – 20 miles. The electric scooter is capable of reaching speeds of up to 15 mph—nothing groundbreaking, but certainly better than walking when you’re in a hurry. The scooter is easily foldable, so you can store it in your apartment without it taking over the entire entryway. You can even use it in conjunction with public transportation if you live too far from a train station or bus stop to walk, since the Citysurfer is compact enough for you to take on the bus or train with you.

MINI Citysurfer Concept

The MINI Citysurfer Concept folds up nice and compact

The Citysurfer is undeniably a MINI, as it boasts certain MINI-esque design elements, like the ovoid headlight, MINI-style wheels, and stylized British flag. It’s also equipped with regenerative brakes and a smartphone mount and charger on the handlebars (which are, incidentally, height-adjustable).

The Citysurfer Concept appeared at the LA Auto Show last week alongside the new four-door MINI Cooper Hardtop. No word on whether MINI will actually make this electric scooter, but either way we think it’s a pretty neat invention!