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MINI Goes All Around: A MINI Road Trip of Epic Proportions

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MINI road trip

Kreis and Fuerst’s MINI Cooper

Recently, two Germans took it upon themselves to take a trip around the world. But rather than doing so in the comfort of a plane, they decided to do it in their own MINI Cooper. Why, you might ask? For no other reason than that the two simply wanted to see the world, and they wanted to do so in their MINI Cooper.

The MINI road trip started in Fritz Fritz Kreis and Thomas Fuerst’s native Germany. The two set off through Poland and the Baltics to Russia, where they spent the long haul of their journey. From there, they travelled through Korea and Japan, from where they had their MINI flown to California to meet them. Once in Cali, they joined thousands of MINI enthusiasts for day one of the 5,000+ MINI Takes the States event, which is a two- week, 5,000+-mile road trip for MINI owners that goes from city to city and stops for meetings with thousands of MINI owners.

MINI road trip

The MINI road trip route

The MINI road trip, which the two named “MINI Goes All Around,” has its own Facebook page on which Kreis and Fuerst posted pictures of their journey along the way. If you’re interested, there are literally thousands of images to sift through, but if you look at the pictures from beginning to end, it’s pretty extraordinary to see how their journey progressed.

While in the States, Kreis and Fuerst attracted little media attention, mainly thanks to their broken English and their refusal to put out cigarettes for the camera crews. However, that worked out perfectly for them, as their aim was to see the world and make friends along the way—both of which they accomplished!

Once Kreis and Fuerst had travelled from California to New York, they shipped their MINI Cooper off on a boat destined for Germany, where the two patiently waited for its return to the motherland. I’m sure they were beyond delighted to see the car again after spending so long with it on such an epic journey—I know I would be!