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MINI Motoring Challenge Features Pinball Machine, Scaled-Down Silverstone, and More

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MINI Motoring Challenge

The start of the pinball course at the MINI Motoring Challenge in LA

Earlier in October, MINI held the MINI Motoring Challenge in the parking lot of City Field, home of the New York Mets. The event was a great chance to hang out, have a good time, and—most importantly—test-drive the MINI Cooper Hardtop. But this was no ordinary test drive. Attendees were able to drive the Cooper around a life-size pinball machine course, or a scaled-down Silverstone track. How many people can claim to have done that in their lifetimes?

For comparison, MINI also had a number of competing vehicles that sell at varying price points, including the Fiat 500, Toyota Prius c, VW Golf, and Mercedes-Benz CLA 250. Those lucky enough to attend the MINI Motoring Challenge were invited to drive each vehicle to see which performed the best. And, according to the NY Daily News, the MINI consistently outperformed the competition, particularly the Fiat and the VW.

In addition to the pinball course and the Silverstone course, the MINI Motoring Challenge offered a “Getaway” course, where drivers could drive like bats out of hell while trying to evade a fake police officer (safely, of course). I don’t encourage trying this in real life, although I am insanely jealous that I wasn’t in New York at the time of this event. Hey, maybe next year MINI will bring the fun to Ohio! Wishful thinking, right?

Gallery: MINI Motoring Challenge event in Los Angeles

News Source: NY Daily News