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Minivan Lovers, Take Note: GM Files for Orlando Trademark Yet Again

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Chevy Orlando USPTO

Another day, another filing for a new trademark by GM that may or may not indicate that there is a new model forthcoming. Up this week: Orlando. Not Tony. Not Magic. Not Jones nor Jordan. Just Chevy Orlando.

For those unaware, the Orlando is a five-door compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that is sold in Korea and was—until recently—available in Canada and Europe. In AMERICAN, you might call the Orlando a minivan.

Chevrolet Orlando

Chevy Orlando
Photo: © General Motors

In any case, Chevrolet filed for a standard character mark for “Motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles, sport utility vehicles, trucks and vans.” This could very well indicate that Chevrolet has it in mind to start selling a minivan in the United States. Or it could also indicate that GM just wants to make sure all of its copyright ducks are in a row.

According to GM Authority, GM first filed for the Orlando trademark in November of 2011 and has since requested five extensions before it has to submit a Statement of Use (i.e. a document that shows what the trademark owner intends to do with the name). The last extension expired in September, and the all-new filing seems to indicate that General Motors really, really wants to keep the Orlando name.

Will it actually result in something? We shall see.

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