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The Mitsubishi 360 Pickup is the Cutest Truck in the World

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Mitsubishi Minica Truck

1967-1969 LT25

Kei cars are a uniquely Japanese vehicle, much like the Australians have their utes and Americans drive huge SUVs. The Mitsubishi 360 pickup is a Japanese kei car that might very well be the cutest truck in the world.

The kei car was developed as an affordable alternative to the motorcycle. Only engine size, physical size, and power are limited, and the vehicles offer significant tax breaks when compared to a normal sized car.

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The Mitsubishi 360 was introduced in 1961 and was designed for the lowest kei car class, so it was limited to a whopping 17 horsepower and a top speed of 50 mph. The engine was a two-stroke 359-cc two cylinder. It was originally offered as a van, but this pickup version was added later.

Mitsubishi Minica Truck

The 360 pickup already wins in our book with those fender mounted mirrors and bitchin’ suicide doors. The truck itself is less than 10 feet long. To put that into perspective, a Smart Fortwo is 8.2 feet long, and you can’t even haul anything in those.

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We think this truck would be perfect for driving around the city with the dog in the back and your significant other in the passenger seat, because at just 4.25 feet wide, you’re going to have to cuddle whether you want to or not.

Do you know of a cuter truck than this? Let us know in the comments.