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Mitsubishi Dealership in the UK Raises Over £5,000 To Help Boy Walk

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Bristol Mitsubishi

Bristol Mitsubishi in the United Kingdom held a fundraiser at their dealership that raised over £5,000 to help a boy with cerebral palsy receive an expensive surgery that would help him walk on his own.

Oskar Prycroft needs a total of £50,000 to receive a dorsal rhizotomy surgery and all of the doctors visits and rehabilitation that goes along with it. The boy is in constant pain that limits the use of his legs, and the procedure would help him walk on his own and regain control of his legs.

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Due to strict criteria, Oskar didn’t qualify for the National Health Service to pay for the operation, and it was originally feared that he would have to fly to the US for the procedure until they received permission for a private surgery to be performed in the UK.

The Mitsubishi dealership held a fundraiser where staff paid to wear formal dress and held a raffle and cake sale to raise a total of £5,048. The boy’s mother, Lizzy, said, “I’m enormously grateful to Bristol Mitsubishi for what they’ve done. I’ve been quite amazed and astonished by it all. People have been so generous and they’ve really taken everything on board and got behind Oskar and are making it happen.”

The money raised will go a long way in helping Oskar reach his goal and will hopefully inspire others to help his cause.

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