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Mitsubishi Dealerships Among Most-Improved at Internet Lead Responses

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2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

A recent study shows that Mitsubishi dealerships were among the most improved in their responses to internet leads compared to last year.

Mitsubishi improved by five ranks in the 2015 Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index Internet Lead Effectiveness Benchmarking Study, which used secret shoppers to evaluate 13,637 dealerships in the United States on factors such as speed of response and answering questions. The industry as a whole improved by one rank, with Lexus and Porsche topping the list at Internet Lead Effectiveness.

The study is an important tool in showing dealerships that responding promptly is highly correlated with increased sales. Something interesting to point out is that 8% of customers did not get a response from their internet query–a metric that has not improved since the annual study began five years ago. More and more customers are researching the vehicles they want online and have often made a decision on what they want before they even reach out to the dealership, and they are able to find specific vehicles in inventory that they want to try out, so missing an online lead often means missing a sale.

Buick and Land Rover both dropped seven spots from last year, while MINI improved by six, and Infiniti by eight. With Mitsubishi’s constantly improving sales over the past year, it’s not too surprising that its internet lead effectiveness has increased.