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Mitsubishi Electric Brings Ground-Breaking Automated Driving Tech to Tokyo

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Mitsubishi i-MiEV night driving

With innovative tech like the i-MiEV, it comes as no surprise that Mitsubishi is offering even more at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month

In the race to create a vehicles filled with a number of features, Mitsubishi has an ace up its sleeve—a separate branch of the Mitsubishi Group called Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. This specific branch has allowed the Mitsubishi Group to come up with its own automated concept car that offers a full suite of Mitsubishi Electric technologies.

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The concept car, known as EMIRAI3 xAUTO will debut during the Tokyo Motor Show from October 29 to November 8. During this show, it will highlight a variety of technologies, including an innovative system that utilized autonomous emergency braking in the dark. This new emergency braking system combines radar and a camera to detect moving and inanimate objects at a long distance, even in the dark. When the system detects an obstacle in your path, it prevents a collision by applying the brake without you having to.

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Other technologies include an automated parking program, which allows your vehicle to park itself; merge assistance, which uses vehicle-to-vehicle communication to merge safely; and artificial-intelligence technologies that enable your car to determine the movements of other vehicles.

The EMIRAI3 xAUTO concept is part of Mitsubishi Electric’s effort to commercialize its technology. Mitsubishi hopes to do so by 2020, bringing even more advanced technology to the industry and keeping drivers even safer.

News Source: Business Wire