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Mitsubishi Emirai 3 xDas Concept Takes Tokyo Into Future

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Toyota Emirai 3 xDas

The Toyota Emirai 3 xDas showcases Mitsubishi’s future plans

Mitsubishi is taking a huge leap into the future with the Emirai 3 xDas Concept Car, which debuted earlier this week at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Japanese carmaker has discussed previously its theme of “making feeling come true,” and it looks like this new concept car could do just that.

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Hinting at the future of Mitsubishi’s driver assistance technology, the Emirai can practically read a driver’s mind—it’s the ultimate driver-friendly vehicle. A camera is constantly pointing at the driver at all times, keeping track of the driver’s facial expressions, linking the information to a cardiograph and responding accordingly. This information is used to advise the driver on when to take a break in driving, making road trips easier than ever before.

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Toyota Emirai 3 xDas Interior

The Toyota Emirai 3 xDas interior hints at future, innovative technologies

The Emirai’s interior has distinctive LCD displays that are laminated and bonded, offering easy visibility and operation no matter the conditions. The displays are fully customizable, and, if that isn’t enough for you, keep in mind that all cabin operations are easily controlled by gestures, rather than the usual physical contact. The driver can even wear an optional device that alerts them to hazards or changes in the car’s operation.

This amount of technology makes it easier to imagine a more intelligent vehicle. While it’s still a ways away from being production-ready, we hope Mitsubishi’s driver-focused technologies come sooner, rather than later.