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Important: Mitsubishi Facebook Page Has 2 Million Likes

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OMG. u guyz. We need you to stop doing what you are doing right now and strap yourself in. What we are getting ready to tell you has the potential to be the biggest automotive news this week. Bigger than anything about a new pony car or anything that might happen at that thing that’s happening in LA this week. This is…well, it’s huge.

Are you ready?

Okay. Here goes. The Mitsubishi Facebook page has 2 million likes.

Mitsubishi Facebook Page Has 2 Million Likes

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Yes. You read that correctly. 2 million likes. And not even just 2 million likes, either. As of press time, it’s got 2,009,738 likes. That’s more than 2 million more likes than even the mighty Youabian Puma has on Facebook, which is no small feat.

That’s about 190,000 more likes than Mazda, 404,000 more likes than Volkswagen, and a whopping 1,163,000 more likes than Chrysler. Even the mighty Tesla can’t compare to the juggernaut that is Mitsubishi, which crushes Elon Musk’s little EV company by nearly 1,300,000 likes.

“Over the last couple of years, we have made a concerted effort to make the Mitsubishi Motors page a fun and informative destination on Facebook,” said MMNA Executive Vice President, Don Swearingen. “This has resulted in our Facebook page becoming an outstanding means of communication between the brand and our highly engaged and passionate Mitsubishi Motors community.”

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Truly, the Mitsubishi Facebook page is a hub for Mitsuthusiasts, as they probably don’t like to be called. There, fans can share their pictures, interact with page administrators, and check out the latest developments from the Mitsubishi brand. If we’re lucky, they may even put up a couple of pictures of the lunch they’ll be serving tomorrow at the LA Auto Show.

Mitsubishi Facebook page has 2 million likes

Did we mention that they’re super helpful?

Be among the many. Visit the Mitsubishi USA Facebook page and click that little thumbs up. You too can be a part of history.

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