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Mitsubishi Jumps Up 10 Spots in J.D. Power Dependability Study

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2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

The latest J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study serves as a testament to Mitsubishi’s return to the US auto market as the automaker improves its rankings over the previous year by 10 spots.

The study rated vehicles from the 2012 model year that still have their original owners on a scale of problems per 100 vehicles experienced over the past year. Mitsubishi owners reported 140 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), as compared to the leader, Lexus at 89 PP100, and second place, Buick, at 110 PP100. The average for the industry was 147 problems per 100 vehicles.

The most common problems reported across all automakers were Bluetooth pairing/connectivity and voice recognition errors.

The Mitsubishi lineup in 2012 consisted of the Lancer, Eclipse, Galant, Outlander, and Outlander Sport. The Eclipse and Galant are no longer sold in the United States, but the Lancer, Outlander, and Outlander Sport are in the same generation as those evaluated in this study.

Next year’s ratings should only improve as the little award-winning Mirage gets its chance to shine, as it was introduced in 2013. Mirage owners were recently found to be the most loyal in the compact car class, so they must be pretty dependable.