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Mitsubishi MPV Production in Indonesia Announced

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Mitsubishi MPV

A new Mitsubishi MPV, possibly based on the Grandis, will be built in Indonesia

Mitsubishi Motors will be investing the hefty sum of $600 million into its latest endeavor: a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) factory in Indonesia. Mitsubishi MPV production in Indonesia will be a means to take full advantage of high demand for MPVs while also establishing another foothold from which Mitsubishi can export vehicles to other markets in Asia.

According to Reuters, more than half of the 1.23 million vehicles sold in Indonesia last year were MPVs, which is all the reason Mitsubishi would need to get in on the game.

Mitsubishi Motors Chief Executive Osamu Masuko stated that production will begin in 2017 and should raise Mitsubishi’s annual Indonesian production capacity from 160,000 to 240,000 vehicles.

Of the assumed 80,000 Mitsubishi MPV annual output, about one-quarter will be exported to countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

While no announcement has been made pertaining to what the Mitsubishi MPV will be, it could be reasonably assumed that it would be some variation of the Grandis, which was discontinued back in 2011.

Mitsubishi currently runs a commercial vehicle plant in Pulogadung, East Jakarta.

“The Indonesian population is constantly growing and the workforce supports our plans, making Indonesia a constant and sustainable market in the future,” said Masuko.