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Mitsubishi, Nissan Continue Minicar Production Partnership

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Mitsubishi eK Wagon

Mitsubishi and Nissan are continuing their partnership to create kei cars like the Mitsubishi eK wagon (pictured above)

Since 2013, Mitsubishi and Nissan have been working together in Japan to create kei cars for both manufacturers—and it looks like this partnership isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

The two Japanese carmakers recently announced they will continue this joint venture with the next generation of their current minicar models. This venture, which created the company NMKV, will continue to develop “more competitive products by optimizing resource allocation and their respective roles and responsibilities.”

This means Nissan will be more involved in development operations, while production will continue to be completed at Mitsubishi’s Mizushima Plant in Japan. NMKV will also add a new department to help enhance collaboration with engineering and manufacturing.

As of the end of September, the venture has reached a total sales of 500,000 units. The company began developing joint cars in June 2011, eventually launching the jointly developed Nissan Dayz and Mitsubishi eK Wagon in June of 2013. The Nissan Dayz Roox and the Mitsubishi eK Space were then launched in February 2014.

The new partner agreement between the carmakers should help take the sales of Nissan and Mitsubishi’s kei cars to an entirely new level. The carmakers are already looking into creating a minicar EV. While there is no information to be had on this development, we are sure to find out more about the eco-friendly kei car at a later date.