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Mitsubishi Offers Personalized Maintenance Schedule

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Routine Maintenance

Mitsubishi has created a progam to help determine when to bring your vehicle into the shop for routine maintenance

Routine maintenance is an important aspect to owning a car. When you bring your car in for its regular checkup, then the likelihood of it staying it tip-top condition grows. Knowing when to take your car in for maintenance can be difficult, though. For Mitsubishi owners, determining the perfect time to take your car into the shop just got a whole lot easier.


Mitsubishi recently announced on Twitter a personalized maintenance schedule that will help owners determine the perfect time to take their car in for routine work. This program is simple, making it easier to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

You can determine the right time to take your car into the shop by first entering the year and model of your Mitsubishi vehicle. Then, enter the number of miles your vehicle had driven or the number of months you have driven. After that, simply determine whether or not you drive in some pretty hectic conditions, and you have your personalized routine maintenance schedule.

There are a lot of factors that go into determining when your vehicle is ready to be tuned up, such as your driving habits, your vehicle’s mileage, and the weather in the region you live. Mitsubishi’s personalized maintenance scheduler makes it easier than ever to own a Mitsubishi.