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Mitsubishi Teases Outlander PHEV Concept-S Ahead of Paris Reveal

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Outlander PHEV Concept-S

The fabulous face of the Outlander PHEV Concept-S

When it comes to the status of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV in the United States, the automaker has been treating prospective American buyers to something tantamount to a carrot on a stick. Oh, hey, look! The Outlander PHEV is selling like hotcakes in Europe and Japan. You mean European fleet customers can now get the PHEV even cheaper with some clever reconfiguration? Fancy that. Now interested parties can drool a bit more at the prospect of the Outlander PHEV Concept-S, which Mitsubishi teased today ahead of its Paris Motor Show reveal this October.

Says Mitsubishi:

The Outlander PHEV Concept-S is a concept model MMC proposes as a special package of the Outlander PHEV production model that has a refined interior and exterior design that magnifies the Outlander PHEV’s unique driving experience.

The Outlander PHEV Concept-S takes “Sporty and Sophisticated” as the theme for its design. This refined design expresses the unique combination of spirited 4×4 performance from its twin-motor PHEV system, soothing silent running, and superior on-road performance.

Outlander PHEV Concept-S

The beautiful butt of the Outlander PHEV Concept-S

The sketches of the Outlander PHEV Concept-S suggest a bolder-looking front fascia and C-shaped accents both in the front and back that give the concept a decidedly more modern look.

We’ll tell you what, Mitsubishi: if the actual production version of the Outlander PHEV we get in the States looks more like the Concept-S than the more straightforward European/Japanese offering, then we will totally forgive the whole having to wait forever for them thing.

The Paris Motor Show kicks off October 2nd, and we will have the latest on the Outlander PHEV Concept-S when it is revealed in full.