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Mitsubishi Predictive Technology: Will Your Car Read Your Mind?

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Mitsubishi Predictive Technology to Change the Face of the Driver ExperienceMitsubishi is developing a prototype control system it hopes one day will replace today’s conventional cockpit. Following the lead of data-driven technology and software companies (like Google), Mitsubishi predictive technology will use algorithms to predict what controls you might need at any given moment.

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According to a Mitsubishi news release, ultra-simple HMI (human-machine interface) technology would replace all unnecessary knobs and dials with a machine that can calculate which three functions the driver most likely needs. The algorithm would determine these needs based on current conditions (position, speed, fuel level, current traffic, school zones) and history (previous destinations, searches, and in-car device use). The three options would be displayed on an in-built heads-up display overlaid on the windshield, and a set of three buttons on the steering wheel would correlate with the three options on the display.

But what if the car doesn’t always predict the option you need? They’ve thought of that too. The system will accept voice commands and included will be another set of four buttons corresponding to navigation, phone, entertainment, and climate.

Mitsubishi predictive technology is expected to be in cars by 2018. What do you think: is this the wave of the future?

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