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Mitsubishi Tuner 311RS Reveals Spec Blew Evo X

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2015 Mitsubishi 311 RS Spec Blew Evo X

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is in its final year of production before it gets put out to pasture, but there’s one more trick up its sleeve. Mitsubishi tuners 311RS, LLC, located in Minneapolis, have announced a super-limited production special edition Spec Blew model.

2015 Mitsubishi 311 RS Spec Blew Evo X

Besides the funny name, the 2015 311RS Spec Blew Evo X will pack countless upgrades from the wheels to the suspension and engine, boasting a claimed 500 horsepower at the wheels. Available now for pre-order, buyers can get the car in any of the six colors available on the Evo X from the factory, and owners of current 311RS Evo X are eligible for a retrofit program to upgrade their vehicles to this special edition. How much will this beast of an Evo set you back? About $54,999.

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2015 Mitsubishi 311 RS Spec Blew Evo X

The Spec Blew was previewed to a small group at the Twin Cities Auto Show and will be debuted in full at a Cars & Coffee event on April 4th. So, if the production version of the Lancer Evolution X Final Concept due to be revealed this summer doesn’t float your boat, at least you’ll have the 311RS Spec Blew as one last shining moment before this great Mitsubishi kicks the bucket.

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