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Mitsubishi, VW, and Audi Join Go Ultra Low Campaign in the UK

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Oulander PHEV Concept

More and more automakers are hopping on board the Go Ultra Low Campaign in the UK, pledging to educate Brits on plug-in electric vehicles.

The latest three–Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, and Audi–join Nissan, Renault, BMW, and Toyota to raise awareness on electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, 15 of which are offered among the brands.

The UK government provides tax incentives and grants to buyers of these vehicles (up to £5,000 to individuals and £9,000 for commercial vehicles) which can greatly reduce the financial burden of these types of vehicles. They’ve also installed over 7,000 public charging stations across the country to make it more feasible for people to own and use electric vehicles.

Mitsubishi currently offers the Outlander PHEV in the United Kingdom, although deliveries of the vehicles to the United States have been delayed until at least June of 2016.

Owning an electric vehicle in the UK may be easier than you think, especially if you’re a business owner that uses a fleet of vehicles. Check out the Go Ultra Low Campaign website to learn more about owning plug-in vehicles and how the UK government can support you.

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