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Mitsubishi’s Overall Sales for 2013 Leap Nearly 8 Percent

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2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Mitsubishi's Overall Sales for 2013

Mitsubishi’s Overall Sales for 2013 Leap 8% with the help of the Outlander

Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) reported that it ended 2013 with December year-over-year sales up 56.2 percent against 2012’s numbers. Additionally, Mitsubishi’s overall sales for 2013 show a 7.7 percent increase, proving the automaker’s viability in a competitive industry that enjoyed its best year since the beginning of the recession.

Mitsubishi’s top earner was the Outlander Sport, whose 2013 year model won the “Best All-Around Performance Award” from the Automotive Science Group™. The Outlander Sport moved 2,358 units in December, which was an increase of nearly a full third over December 2012’s sales. Furthermore, the 2014 Outlander sold 1,289 units and made year-over-year gains of 102 percent.

“This marked MMNA’s best December sales in seven years,” said MMNA President & CEO Yoichi Yokozawa, in the automaker’s official press release. “Our sales were up 27 percent July through December compared to the prior year, so we are pleased to take tremendous momentum into the New Year.”

The Mitsubishi Mirage, also all-new for the 2014 model year, moved 1,388 units in only its second full month of sales, which was a 32 percent better performance than November’s figures.

“We believe customers are growing in confidence that Mitsubishi offers a unique combination of safety and fuel efficiency in our vehicles,” Yokozawa added. “These are attributes of our brand that will resonate with consumers into 2014 and beyond.”

Other highlights from December include the first instance of back-to-back 6,000+ sales months for Mitsubishi since July and August of 2011, the highest monthly sales total since March 2012, the Outlander Sport’s third best-ever month since its inception, and the Outlander’s best December since 2006.

Mitsubishi’s overall sales for 2013 increased thanks in large part to sales increases for the Outlander Sport (appx. 38 percent), Outlander (58.5 percent), Lancer (22.7 percent), Lancer Evolution (2.1 percent), and i-MiEV (75 percent).