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Model X Recalled, Proves Tesla Isn’t Perfect

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Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X has been recalled for an issue with its third-row seat
Photo: Don McCullough

Well, it has happened again. Tesla is officially recalling another vehicle. Last year, the luxury carmaker underwent a massive recall for the Model S when it was having issues with its front seatbelt. Now, the luxury carmaker has issued a recall for the company’s popular Model X crossover SUV.

Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of rose-colored glasses shattering around the world.

Sorry, folks. Looks like Tesla isn’t as perfect as you thought they were.

The reasoning behind Tesla’s recall is a design flaw in the vehicle’s third-row seats. There is a faulty locking hinge on the last row of seats that could potentially cause the seats to collapse forward during a crash. While there are no reported incidents as of yet, Tesla is making a move to get ahead of the problem as soon as it possibly can.

In an email to affected owners, Tesla stated: “Despite [15] prior successful tests and no reports of a third-row seat slipping in any customer vehicles, we have decided to conduct a voluntary recall as a precautionary measure and will be replacing all affected third row seat backs.”

I guess it’s better to be safe, than have a multi-million dollar lawsuit on your hands. It’s likely that the only people who can afford to buy a Model X—which has an MSRP of $132,000—also happen to have some very, very great lawyers on their payroll.

Luckily for Tesla, the recall’s range is quite small. So far, the company has only shipped 2,700 Model X models to dealerships and owners. This means that affected owners are few and far between.

In the future, though, Tesla might not be so lucky. As the Model 3 comes onto the market, the number of the brand’s newest vehicle that will be manufactured and out on the road will be staggering. I mean, people were lining up to put a $1,000 deposit on the Model 3 and Tesla hadn’t even revealed it yet. This means that a recall of the Model 3 could be potentially disastrous for Tesla—both logistically and fiscally.

Basically, if there is an early recall, Tesla’s headquarters is going to look a lot like this:

Spongebob Gif

Talk about nerve-racking.

In the mean time, if you’re one of those lucky 2,700 people who own a Model X, I suggest taking it in to get fixed ASAP. Or just don’t let anyone sit in the third-row seat. Your decision.

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